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Gift sanitary pads are Awesome

"I absolutely love these Gift pantyliner! I’ve got all my friends and their daughters on them too"  Maxine Chang NY  

It is amazing experience 

"I’m amazed by how fresh and dry you feel, even after wearing the pad for hours! You just feel cleaner!" Sandra Kane

Recommended by Doctor

"My doctor told me about Gift pads and after using them, I'm recommending them to all my friends." Darcy

Feel cool and fresh all day

"The feel of Gift pantyliner is really luxurious and the perforations make them breathable, so you feel cool and fresh all day. Wish you had a bigger size in the liners too though…" Henny Penny

Love the pads

"I literally had to make a big deal of it in my local H&B every time I went in, as it was in the other H&B in the next town. Finally, they've started to stock them! I think it was mainly to shut me up." Maria

Thanks to H&B

"Hello my lovelies! So thrilled that my local H&B is finally stocking Gift pads. Yey!!!" Madcow on the loose

These pads are magic

"These pads are magic, amazingly absorbent, even when you have a sudden one (if you know what I mean), it disappears and leaves you dry - I'll never go back to the old ones. Xxx" Pauline

Very relaxing effect

"I thought it was a gimmick at first, but I’m convinced now that the green Anion strip inside the liner actually does make you feel fresh and clean all day, and has a very relaxing effect on me. Sally, Warrington" Sal

My skin feels great

"I suffered with infections, itching and soreness with ordinary sanitary pads – but with Gift, I feel wonderfully fresh, my period seems to flow much easier and my skin feels great. (reply to Elise)" Elise

I can go for a run
"I'm the same. I can actually go for a run when I'm on without getting sore :)" Maureen
I feel more energetic
"When using Gift pads, I feel more energetic and my time of the month seems to be over much quicker - thank you! Liza, Edinburgh" Liza
These pads are amazing
"These pads are amazing! I love the way feel of the surface and how it is perforated, therefore it absorbs the liquid straight away so you’re dry the whole time. I have to stock up on them every time I come to the UK... Sara (from Dubai) p.s. there is a Holland Barrett store here, but they do not have them. Hope you can have a word with them please... " Sara

!!!Oh joy!!!

"I haven't had a migraine since I started using Gift pads!!!! Oh joy!!!" Happy Helen

You never get 'that' smell
"Gift pads are great and you never get 'that' smell. They feel really soft and fresh as the liquid is absorbed on contact and it feels like it can hold a lot more than you need." Maureen from Dublin
BLISS no itch!
"I recently came across your panty liners and tried for the first time. I have had problems with all other products causing irritation. I am a mature (69yrs) woman who needs protection from urinary leaks, and when I tried your liners I thought BLISS no itch ! I am now purchasing the most absorbent one I can find as the others were only 2 droplet ones. THANKS PEOPLE!!"  Julia Brown

I love GIFT Pads!

"I love your pads - been using them for a while now. What would be great is if you can make your panty liners a bit bigger as I find them too flimsy for everyday use. Then I can be an everyday Gift girl." Sawo