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A truckload of plastic enters the sea every minute of every day! After decades of a culture of convenience with plastic packaging at its core - we can only turn things around if we each do something to reduce our dependance on plastic packaging. 

A large portion of household plastic waste is created from the products we use in our bathrooms. So we have come up with a natural, vegan cleansing bar range without plastic packaging, that doesn't require any compromise on quality or convenience.

All the cleansing bars in our range contain Epsom Salts. Each bar is carefully blended with natural vegan blends and organic essential oils, that have specific health benefits. There are no synthetic fragrances and no SLS/SLES's or parabens. 

We're about to go into production, so be among the first to get your hands on these fantastic products. Pre-order your cleansing range and make the lifestyle change on our crowdfunding page. Click here