#RedRebelDay is Here!

Today is the day, after months and weeks of build-up, preparations, drafts, meetings, interviews, events- we are potentially just 36 hours away from our £100,000 target.

All along it really has been about the numbers: £100,000 to enable approximately 1.1 million pads in 3,300 boxes, 66 pallets carrying 80,000 units in just 2 containers, to change the lives of 12,000 women, both in the UK and across various war-torn and famine stricken regions of the world- beginning with a donation of 200,000 pads which will bound across the ocean, arriving in April in Yemen- the site of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.  

We’ve all seen the news stories about the crisis taking place in Yemen, and here it really is all about the numbers too. Unicef estimates that 24 million people, 80% of the Yemen population, are in need of humanitarian assistance. With so much suffering taking place, it can seem impossible to do anything that can make a real difference, but at The Gift Wellness Foundation we recognise the power of individual acts of kindness. We’ve seen it with every donation made and with every purchase of Gift Pads for Women in Crisis through our online store. 

For so many women, especially those facing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the arrival of their monthly period adds unnecessary distress to an already horrendous situation. Our small way of helping is to take this stress away by providing a reliable supply of sanitary products. It is often too easy to feel overwhelmed by the severity of a problem and to feel too small to do anything about it, but your individual support can help us to make one part of this big problem easier.

Throughout the next 36 hours, you can help us by sharing the message on your social media and directing your friends and family to our Enthuse page via the link below, where they can make a donation. We really want this message to be spread far and wide, and our CEO Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed recently gave a TEDx Talk on why this issue deserves our attention, which you can watch using the link below.

From everyone at Gift Wellness Ltd and The Gift Wellness Foundation, thank you and Happy Red Rebel Day!



Some important links:

Our Enthuse donation page: https://periodpoverty.enthuse.com/profile

More information on the Yemen crisis: https://www.unicef.org/emergencies/yemen-crisis

Zareen's TEDx Talk: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tedxstroud-tickets-136621411319 

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