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Ethical period products with anion benefits and vegan cleansing bars


Providing high quality, affordable sanitary wear to all women,
while at the same time becoming a source of aid and hope to women in crisis

Better for you

Better for you

99% of customers have told us how Gift menstrual pads & pantyliners simply make them feel calmer & happier. We’re sure that our new range of vegan shampoo and cleansing bars with organic and pure essential oils are going to be just as popular and beneficial.

Better for you

Better for earth

Our pads are plastic free, boxed in paper and are so absorbent that an average of one-third less pads are used. So you’re using less, saving money & reducing waste. Our shampoo, conditioner and wash bars are packaged in paper boxes & we’re campaigning for plastic free bathrooms by 2025.

Better for you

Better for others

Every time you buy Gift pads, we donate period products to homeless & refugee women, foodbanks and students in poverty. Thanks to our amazing customers and period poverty charity ambassadors over 6 million pads have been donated so far! Get involved at

About Us

Welcome to Gift Wellness Ltd, a social enterprise founded in 2012 by Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed. Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality sanitary products that empower women while promoting kindness and compassion.

Dr Zareen was inspired to create Gift Wellness after the tragic loss of her daughter, Halimah, in 2007. Her desire to build a business that embodied kindness and compassion became the driving force behind our brand. Since then, Gift Wellness has become a well-established name across the UK and Europe, with thousands of women depending on our products.

Introducing The Gift Wellness
Period Gift Box

Periods can negatively affect a young girls mental health, confidence and/or relationships too. Prepare your daughter to navigate her period journey in a positive way! Because every girl deserves a happy life. Period.

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We’re always trying to think of ways to make life easier for you. Buying pads, shampoo and other basic
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So now, as well as providing you with uplifting period products and cleansing bars,
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Why thousands of women choose Gift pads

  • Hypoallergenic, super soft & absorbent
  • Antibacterial semi-precious mineral layer
  • Promotes calmer, happier periods
  • Plastic free, pads, wrapper and packaging
  • Addresses period poverty with every pack you buy

What Customers are Saying about Gift Pads



These normal pads are a game changer for me, as are the rest of the range, as I have the small ones and the large ones too. They're super soft and comfortable and absorbent. really easy to wash and dry and the matching wet bag is lovely too. The packaging was really sweet.

Faye Giblin

These washable pantyliners/small pads are perfect for everyday use. They're so so comfortable and absorbent. They're narrow at the front and a bit wider at the back, which is the perfect shape. Really easy to clean and no problem to look after.

Sally Anne

The “normal” gift pads work fine, a lot better than many others because of their natural components & they are the right size. The long ones are too long for me, more likely be fine for very large people.

Highly Recomended!


Really good quality pads, after purchasing these I couldn't go back to other high street brands. These are definitely a lot more comfortable and a great ethos behind the company. Would recommend!