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Welcome to Gift Wellness Ltd, a social enterprise founded in 2012 by Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed. Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality sanitary products that empower women while promoting kindness and compassion. Dr Zareen was inspired to create Gift Wellness after the tragic loss of her daughter, Halimah, in 2007.

Her desire to build a business that embodied kindness and compassion became the driving force behind our brand. Since then, Gift Wellness has become a well-established name across the UK and Europe, with thousands of women depending on our products.

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Our sanitary pads and daily pantyliners are the perfect combination of nature and science, providing a breakthrough in sanitary protection. Our secret ingredient is Tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral stone that emits negative ions and far infrared rays.

Many naturopaths and scientists believe that these anion technologies have beneficial effects on the body. Although our products are not certified as medical devices, 99% of our customers report feeling calmer and happier during their periods.

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is why our products are at least 6 times more absorbent than most ordinary brands. This means that less product is used and thrown away, making our brand more eco-friendly. Our packaging and branding are friendly and designed to dispel taboos surrounding periods. We celebrate women and encourage them to feel confident and empowered during their periods. We are proud to be a social enterprise and to help women in crisis. For every pack we sell, we provide support to women in need. Our products have become popular through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews, which is a testament to their quality and effectiveness. We love hearing from our customers and encourage you to check out our customer testimonials on our YouTube channel.

At Gift Wellness, we are committed to listening to our customers' needs and finding innovative solutions to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices. That's why we have expanded our range to include vegan cleansing bars, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and hand wash bars. Our cleansing bars are hand-made in the UK, contain pure essential oils, Epsom salts, and coconut oil, and are free of parabens, palm oil, and synthetic perfumes. They are also packaged in simple but beautiful paper boxes, encouraging people to eliminate single-use plastic from their bathrooms. We are grateful to all our customers for the opportunity to serve them and make a positive impact in the world. As a certified social enterprise, we are dedicated to our mission of promoting kindness, compassion, and sustainability. Thank you for your support, which allows us to continue helping thousands of women around the world safeguard their dignity during times of crisis. Watch Dr Zareen’s Tedx video where she talks about about her inspirational Gift Wellness journey.