About Us


Welcome to Gift Wellness, where compassion meets innovation in every product we create. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Zareen Roohi Ahmed, our social enterprise blossomed from a heartfelt mission: to empower women with superior sanitary products while spreading kindness in every facet of our business. The inspiration behind our work is deeply personal, rooted in the loving memory of Dr. Zareen's daughter, Halimah, whose spirit continues to guide us.

Her desire to build a business that embodied kindness and compassion became the driving force behind our brand. Since then, Gift Wellness has become a well-established name across the UK and Europe, with thousands of women depending on our products.

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At Gift Wellness, we blend the wisdom of nature with scientific ingenuity. Our sanitary pads and pantyliners, featuring the natural magic of Tourmaline, bring a touch of tranquility to your monthly cycle. Though not medical devices, an overwhelming 99% of our customers report a serene and uplifted experience during their periods, a testament to our commitment to both your comfort and well-being.

Our dedication to the planet is woven into the fabric of our products, which are designed with superior absorbency—minimising waste and honouring our environmental responsibilities. Our charming packaging breaks the period taboo, celebrating the strength and elegance of womanhood. 

Our range now includes vegan, hand-made cleansing bars, elevating your daily rituals while keeping environmental care at the forefront. Made with love in the UK, these bars are a pledge to a cleaner world, free of plastics and full of purity. 

Gift Wellness extends its impact beyond products with groundbreaking initiatives. Our Period Angels app is a community-driven solution combating period poverty, connecting those in need with essential menstrual products with dignity.

Furthermore, our Workplaces initiative and the Female Friendly Workplaces (FFW) VR training are redefining inclusive and supportive work environments across the UK, advocating for free-access menstrual products and empathetic workplace cultures.

Dr Zareen has also poured our journey into the pages of her Amazon number one bestseller, 'The Gift'. This book isn't just a story - it's an invitation to join a movement of social impact that's healing communities and fostering global goodwill.

Your support is the heartbeat of our mission. Every purchase you make helps us extend a helping hand to women in need, upholding their dignity in times of crisis. We invite you to be part of our story, to share in our vision of a kinder, healthier world for all women.

Thank you for choosing Gift Wellness. Together, we're not just buying better products—we're building a better future. Discover the full scope of our passion and purpose in Dr. Zareen's inspiring book, 'The Gift', available here. Your support enables us to continue this beautiful journey, and for that, we are endlessly grateful.