Advice for mum, dad,
family & friends

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Hi mom! Since you’ve been through this yourself… I thought - who better to help me tackle this brand new phase of my life, than a period pro.

• Please remind me that periods are NORMAL, because like all things new - I may find it daunting at first.
• Also remind me that periods are AWESOME, nothing to be ashamed about, and I can talk about them if need be.
• Educate me on the degree of pain that’s associated with periods, so that if I experience severe pain, I’ll know to talk to you or ask to see a doctor.
• Don’t forget to let my teacher know about my upgraded status within the female community, so I always have someone to turn to at school.

• Don’t make periods feel taboo, gross or unnatural. I need your support to make the period conversation as casual and normal as possible at home.
• Please don’t give me tampons / period devices that have to be inserted into my body. I’m new at this, and sanitary pads are the easiest solution for me right now.
• Sharing is caring! Let loose on those period stories and personal experiences to give me an idea of what to expect in the most relaxed way possible. We may just have a giggle or two!
• Don’t focus on negative symptoms like cramps, bloating, breast tenderness or mood swings. Just help me address these issues with a hot water bottle, a positive attitude and other tools and tips I may need.


Periods can be overwhelming. So be dad of the year and show me some awesome, modern and 21st century-style of fatherly support, because I know you're a legend.

• You don’t need a degree in gynecology, but knowing some period basics will do wonders. If you don’t know the answers, please allow me to Google them.
• Being there is everything. Provide a shoulder and an ear for moral support.
• Stock up on sanitary products and make sure you know more or less how to use them - just in case I don’t.
• Have a CPH kit on standby - chocolate; Paracetamol and heat pads (or hot water bottles).

• Don’t wait for the proverbial period bomb to drop. Talk to me about periods way in advance and prepare me for the day it appears. This will make the actual day when womanhood comes knocking much easier for both of us! Promise.
• DON’T PANIC - it’s just a period, not a tornado. If I’m not feeling well, just deal with it CALMLY.
• Please don’t make a scene if I forget to flush or leave a sanitary pad on top of the toilet. Again, it’s just a period and not a natural disaster, ok dad?
• Periods aren’t taboo, but they are personal. So I beg you, don’t try to be all hip, hot and happening; and mention periods in front of my friends. Even if your intentions are good.

FOR THE FAMILY - siblings, cousins & close friends

If I’ve been acting strange or differently as of late - the chances are I may have gotten my period and I’m still trying to suss out my new visitor. Just act cool, calm, collected and bear with me.

• Just because boys don’t get periods, is no reason not to be educated on them. Ask mom, me or Google and upgrade your level of awesomeness.
• Periods are normal and women have been spending quality time with theirs for thousands of years. It’s nothing strange and defs nothing to be awkward about … so don’t be awkward … please.
• Remember, even though periods are as old as time, mine is brand new. Chocolates go a long way in showing support - so go ahead and give it a try. I’ll be forever grateful.

• Periods and hormones tend to travel together, so if you’re on the receiving end of some serious attitude and sass - don’t take it personally and I’m sorry in advance.
• Don’t expect women to hide that they're on their periods, it's just old school and ridiculous. Remember periods are natural and now very much part of my life.
• Just be cool with any potential mishaps in the bathroom. JUST BE COOL.
• Don’t be weird if I need to purchase some pads. Remember - nobody stares at you when you’re buying toilet paper ??, and we all know what that’s used for. Hmm kay.