Breaking taboos
about periods

Since Gift Wellness first started trading in 2013, we’ve worked hard to supply non-toxic and empowering products to women and girls; and we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve successfully supplied millions of pads to women in need.

Gift Wellness

However, one of the main issues of period poverty that we, women and girls still face today - is that periods are still a taboo subject. No woman or girl should have to feel ashamed or embarrassed of such a normal bodily function - especially not in the year 2020.

The baffling question remains however, WHY is the period discussion still a hush-hush subject? WHY do so many females still feel like they have to hide it?

Our research has shown that the start of a girl's period tends to trigger turbulence in her life; and why wouldn’t it. It’s new, daunting and overwhelming. If a girl doesn’t have sufficient or the right support and guidance, tragically her first period could turn into a traumatic event. Obviously this experience will then go on to have a negative effect on her mental health, confidence, performance at school and relationships. 

Be it the year 1010 or 2020, during a drought or a plague, sunshine or rain, summer romance or winter school, periods WILL come and NO girl should ever be put in such an emotionally distressing situation over something so incredibly natural.

AND THAT IS WHAT led to the creation of the Gift Wellness Period Gift Box. We created a beautifully presented box, full of practical, comforting and fun products and information, that turns the debate on its head. Our goal is to make girls feel cool, calm and collected for the day their period starts, instead of having them confused, scared and anxious. A girl’s period is a celebration, it’s her ticket to womanhood and eventually motherhood. 

We really encourage parents to give a Period Gift Box to their daughters to help them navigate their menstrual life in a positive way. We believe that a girl’s first period experience can define her future confidence and success, and after all - education is key.


We’d love to create a world where:
• to safeguard their dignity at school, at home and at work
• to live in a world where periods are regarded as a gift and celebrated
• girls will never be held back due to society's strange views on periods
• to generate a healthy discussion and supportive environment where they can talk about their periods, ask for help if needed, feel comfortable and realize how special and incredibly normal a period is