Let's chat about
life with periods

Ok this is where it all gets a bit weird because we’re talking about blood and pain and stuff. But remember that this is a normal, healthy bodily function for ALL women. You’re not ill and so long as you look after yourself, use non-toxic products like ours and exercise regularly, you will not only survive this phase of your life, but you will feel powerful and beautiful.

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According to the NHS (National Health Service), most women will lose about ¼ cup (80ml) during their period, with the average being around 6 to 8 teaspoons.

Heavy menstrual bleeding is defined as losing 80ml or more during each period and having periods that last longer than 7 days, or both.

But of course, as mentioned, you are unique and so is period. So if your period is super light and lasts 4 days, and your friend’s period is heavy and lasts 6days, you can relax. It is what it is.

Brace yourself, periods are awesome, but they can be a pain sometimes - literally! Period aches, pains and cramps are just SO normal and are bound to sneak up on almost every female somewhere somehow during their menstrual life.

It basically feels like a sharp muscle cramp in your tummy / back and thighs. And these cramps can be quick, or they can be long. It’s up to your period’s attitude of the month really.

But period attitudes aside, the real divas in the house are your hormones. These ladies tend to fluctuate, making you feel annoyed during your period. Just recognize their presence and deal. It's ok if you feel annoyed at everything and everyone, but it’s not always ok to show. Take deep breaths, as this too shall pass.

Just like all bodily fluids, urine, tears to sweat, it needs to be kept in check. Try to change your pad every 4 to 6 hours to help prevent leaks from happening. If you have a heavy period, more frequent changes may be required - just to be on the safe side.

Our Gift Sanitary Pads with their super absorbent core and anti-leak barriers are stupendous for up to 10 hours of leakage protection - just throwing it out there.