Why do girl have periods?

Girls have periods, because they’re awesome like that. But from a scientific angle - girls have periods because they’re born with a uterus (womb) and two ovaries that form part of a super special reproductive system, that gives life to a period.

So in a nutshell, between 8 and 15 years, your hormones start to take centre stage and puberty begins. During this exciting time, your body changes on the outside and the inside.

On the outside you’ll see hair popping up and boobs popping out. But on the inside, what you don’t see, is an intricate system that activates. Your womb starts to create a sponge-like lining known as endometrium and your ovaries now start to release one egg each month. Sounds like a cake baking recipe right? Well, it sort of is - because one day when you’re ready to start a family of your own, you’ll need these very important ingredients PLUS one other male ingredient in your baby-baking and baby-making process.

But since babies are reserved for future dreams, your egg and endometrium won’t be needed just yet. Your body - perfectly and wonderfully made - is merely activating the system and making sure all those important parts are working the way it should, until the day you decide to become a mommy.

Therefore, each month your unused egg and menstrual fluid that has been collecting in your uterus will gently flow out via your most famous lady part, the one you’ve known the longest - your vagina. And this is known as a period or menstrual cycle.