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So many of you who depend on Gift pads have asked us to enable monthly subscriptions. You spoke – we listened, and here it is. Of course it's based on a woman's average monthly cycle of 28 days and not 30 days. We call it our MONTHLY COMFORT subscription, and we think you’re going to love it, because you’ll never have to worry about having to go out to buy or order pads again!

Our aim at Gift Wellness has always been to make life easier for women… Why? Because we deserve it of course! We believe that buying pads is something that we shouldn’t have to worry about or have to remember. After all, we have enough to think about, right?

So now, as well as providing you with pads and liners that make your time of the month a much more comfortable, clean and calm experience, we’re also now looking to take the hassle out of ever having to go out to buy, or order pads again.

You’ll know what you need each month, so you should only have to think about it once, and leave the rest to us. All you need to do is select your ideal monthly supply package, and confirm that you want it delivered to your door every month.

And bonus, with monthly subscription, you get your pads 10% CHEAPER and with FREE DELIVERY!

What’s not to like?