What exactly changes during puberty

It’s not rocket science, we promise you, but these changes will rock your world. Even though puberty is beyond NORMAL, there may be times where your new body and its new functions may come across as alien-like.

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So be prepared to tackle these changes head-on. Here’s what to expect:
• Pubic hair starts to appear.
• Breasts and hips grow bigger.
• Periods become the new norm.
• Irritable moods are now a thing.
• Vaginal discharge makes its appearance.
• Sexual thoughts and feelings tend to sneak up on you.
• Sweat increases and is usually accommodated with a stronger smell than before.

Let’s break it down:


Puberty brings hair to all sorts of new spots on your body. This includes your underarms and private parts. But you may just notice the hair on legs becoming darker too! No jokes, puberty is all about that adult fuzz and nobody can escape it. It’s also 100% up to you whether you want to remove it or keep.

And then aunty flo, aka your period, starts making its debut. PMT (premenstrual tension) is very common and occurs a week or days before your period is about to begin. So if you’re feeling bloated, sluggish, tired, anxious or irritable, strap in girl - because a brand new adventure awaits.

Puberty changes everything! Even your vagina is tweaked. So welcome to the world of vaginal discharge. Not the most glamorous of words, but trust us, vaginal discharge deserves a 5star review as it’s the easiest way to check if all is good in the hood.

Discharge is how your vagina keeps itself clean. Clear, white discharge is the goal. Yellow discharge accompanied by an itch or smell may just be a sign of infection. So do see your doctor when this happens.

You’ll usually have thicker discharge, or simply more discharge just before your period. Again, super normal. Panty liners do wonders to help prevent streaks in your underwear, but honestly, it’s really up to you.

This is the time to invest in body spray and deodorant, because your sweat glands now produce more sweat, and nobody wants to be caught with an unwanted smell lingering around them.

Keeping your underarms dry and CLEAN ought to do the trick.  
PLEASE remember - everyone is special, unique and different - meaning nobody starts puberty at the same hour, time, date and year. So just NEVER compare yourself to anyone else - don’t do it. Our bodies grow at different rates, genetics come into play and the list continues, so the size and shape of your breasts to the amount of hair under your arms WILL differ - as it should.