GIFT Menstrual Cup with Cotton Pouch

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Size Guide:
Choose LARGE if you are aged 25 or over, or have given birth naturally
Choose SMALL if you are aged under 25 or have never given birth naturally
Made of 100% medical grade silicone, our non-toxic menstrual cups are
durable yet soft, flexible and comfortable.
They’re really simple and convenient to use, re-useable, long-lasting, eco-
friendly and economical. Enjoy leak-free protection for up to 10 hours at a
Delivered to you in a pretty cotton pouch, which can be used to carry or store
your precious menstrual cup, this period product is perfect for when travelling,
swimming or exercise during your period.
Before first use: Wash your hands, then wash the menstrual cup with water
and mild, fragrance free and oil free soap.
How to use your menstrual cup (see the illustrations in the images on this page
for further information):
Step 1: Fold cup and hold
Step 2: Get comfortable & keep pelvic muscles relaxed
Step 3: Find the cervix
Step 4: Insert the cup inside your vagina and gently move it until it opens up
Step 5: Pull the stem of the cup to remove it
Step 6: Wash the cup with water and re-insert
Ingredients: Medical grade silicone, cotton pouch.

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