Here are a few points:
• They're made in sterile conditions & sealed for freshness
• The top layer is perforated for breathability and quick absorption
• Hypoallergenic (Anti-allergy)
• Free from harmful chemicals and chlorine Anion, Far Infrared Ray from semi-precious mineral (Tourmaline) layer - naturally anti-bacterial, eliminates odours & regulates periods
• Super absorbent polygel core (SAP)
• Anti-leak & ergonomic fitting
• Recyclable packaging
• Charitable aims.

Our pads are donated to women in crisis who do not have access to sanitary pads

The main reason why is because Gift pads are made from the highest quality materials, unlike most ordinary brands. Also, the inclusion of the natural tourmaline mineral layer is costly to produce, but the benefits speak for themselves.

You’ll save money in the long term:

Each pack of Gift pads will cost more but you will be saving money in the long term because you won’t need as many. Probably around a third less number of pads per month!

Try the absorption test yourself to see why: Place one of your old pads on a table alongside a Gift pad. Pour 50ml of water into each of the pads. See how the Gift pad remains dry and how the water from your old pad will be leaking all over your table. Now pour a further 20ml – 40ml into the Gift pad – still no leakage.

The average woman will not need more than 50ml but our special super-absorbent core can hold a lot more so you can feel confident with Gift pads and save money in the long run because you will be using a fewer number of pads.

Once you’ve used Gift pads, you’ll realise that the wellness benefits of Gift pads; and how great they make you feel. Just check out the reviews and see what other women are saying.

Because you’ll be using around a third fewer pads, you’ll be throwing less away. European and North American consumption of sanitary pads is the highest in the world - more than a third of total worldwide consumption of 45 billion units! All eventually needing to be disposed of somewhere! Every year, in Britain alone, we would need to dig a hole 300 feet wide and 300 feet deep to bury the used sanitary pads and tampons that women throw away. So using around a third less pads will be so much better for the environment.

Also, don't forget to recycle the packaging.

We’re 100% committed to helping women who, for a variety of reasons may not have access to sanitary pads. Imagine how you would feel if it was your time of the month and you couldn't get sanitary wear? Through foodbanks, women's refuges, homeless and refugee aid charities, were providing pads to women in crisis. So every time you buy Gift pads, remember that you're making a difference to the lives of women somewhere in the world. Around 1000,000 pads have been donated so far, thanks to our customers.

This is perfectly normal. This shows that the negative ions and far infrared rays green strip is working to help your period to flow more freely. The harsh chemicals in ordinary pads cause the body to become tense and hold on to the fluid, whereas, Gift pads allow it to flow more freely. The longer you use Gift pads and particularly if you use the daily pantyliners between periods; you’ll find that your periods will regularise and most importantly you should feel calm and relaxed and have more energy to get on with life.

Not recommended. We don’t recommend that pregnant women use our pads because one of the effects of the negative ions and far infrared strip is to regularise blood flow. There is no medical evidence that it would be dangerous or otherwise, but to be safe, we are not recommending it, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy when you need to be extra careful.

In a cool dry place.

Please keep the pack away from direct sunlight and damp places.

Anions are odourless tasteless molecules that are essential for good health. High concentrations of anions can be found in nature in mountain forests, waterfalls and beaches where people feel energised and invigorated. Negative ions kill Positive ions e.g. bacteria that causes bad odours. The cleaner the air is the higher the level of Anions.

For over half a century, experts who have studied the relationship between anions and health all agreed that in this day and age, our health is greatly influenced by the quantity and quality of ions, which saturate our environment.

Once individual wrappers are opened, the negative ions and far infrared rays in Gift pads generate anions for 10-12 hours.

Far Infrared rays (FIR) are the same kind of heat from our sun or that which our own bodies produce as they burn fuel to keep us warm. Far infrared rays (FIR) have the longest wavelength of any kind of infrared light, and thus are the only kind of infrared light that can deeply penetrate the human body. In fact, panels that produce similar infrared rays are used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. Even NASA has used infrared heat to keep their astronauts warm. Infrared energy has nothing to do with either ultraviolet radiation (which gives you sunburn and damages your skin) or atomic radiation (the kind from nuclear energy). When emitted by the sun or the special strip in our Gift pads, FIR penetrates through the skin to effect your body in a positive way. Due to the effect that Gift Pads are not registered as a medical device, we are not allowed to elaborate further, so we would kindly advise that you read the reviews of our customers, try the products and decide for yourself. 

Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a semi-precious gemstone, and it has unique electric properties responsible for many beneficial health effects. Tourmaline is known scientifically to emit far infrared rays and convert moisture in the air to negative ions and is believed by holistic practitioners to emit powerful healing energy. As Gift Pads are not registered as a medical device, we are not allowed to elaborate further, so all we can advise is that you read the reviews of our customers, try the products and decide for yourself.

As Gift Pads are not registered as a medical device, we are not allowed to elaborate further, so all we can advise is that you read the reviews of our customers, try the products and decide for yourself.

Generates Negative Ions & Far Infrared Rays - The tourmaline used to produce negative ion and far infrared rays in Gift pads are thought to benefit women during their most sensitive time of the month.

Alkalinizes Body Fluids – When worn against the body the Anion and FIR properties of tourmaline used in Gift sanitary pads adjust body fluids to a slightly alkaline pH, which is optimal for women.

Fights Bacteria and Maintains Freshness - Tourmaline has been shown to have antibacterial and deodorizing effects when placed in refrigerators and cars. In addition, tourmaline prevents foul smells from being absorbed into a variety of materials and greatly enhancing the effectiveness of Gift sanitary pads.

Cleaning Properties - Because of its surfactant (detergent) properties, tourmaline enhances cleaning effectiveness and prevents dirt adhesion, leaving you feeling continuously clean and fresh.

Other benefits of tourmaline:

Suppresses Electromagnetic Fields - In recent years, tourmaline has been closely investigated for its potential to counteract the effects of electromagnetic fields, which are thought to be harmful (for example from computers and phones). Researchers suspect that the Anion and FIR generated by tourmaline suppresses electromagnetic fields in the immediate environment.