Refill Case of Gift Sanitary Pads - 24 Packs

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Our Normal Sanitary Pads Refill Case contains 24 packs of pads, each containing 14 pads. Therefore a case provides a total of 336 pads for your dispenser.
With new anti-leak barriers these pads are the ultimate solution for added protection and superior absorbency and comfort during your menstrual cycle. Our pads are more absorbent than ordinary pads, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

Our pads are hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals, dust, and chlorine, making them safe and gentle on sensitive skin. The perforated, stay-dry cotton top sheet ensures maximum comfort and breathability, while the anti-friction design prevents soreness, making them perfect for sports and other physical activities.

Our pads feature a unique negative ion and far infrared ray layer made from Tourmaline mineral and infused with mint herbal extracts, which helps eliminate odours and regulate flow for a calmer and happier period.

At Gift Wellness, we believe in sustainability and have taken measures to make our product better for the environment. Our biodegradable box and carbon-neutral corn starch material used for the bottom layer and individual wrapper help reduce landfill waste, making our pads an eco-friendly choice.

In addition to being microbiologically tested and not tested on animals, our pads are also vegan-friendly, as they contain no animal products.

At Gift Wellness, we are committed to giving back to our community, and we support women in crisis by donating sanitary pads regularly to food banks, homeless shelters, and refugee women.

Choose Gift Wellness Normal Sanitary Pads for the ultimate protection and comfort during your period, while also supporting a socially responsible and eco-friendly brand.