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Introducing our all-natural body exfoliator, made from the dried fibrous interior of the loofah plant. Our 100% plant-based Loofah Sponge is the perfect alternative to conventional sponges or plastic poufs, and is better for your skin, as it improves circulation and removes dead skin, leaving your skin radiant and smooth.

Our Loofah Sponge is completely natural, so size may vary in length and diameter (35 – 50cm long), and is suitable for vegans and 100% sustainable. We have added a convenient string loop at the top of the loofah, so it can be hung to dry after each use. It also has a very long lifespan, and when you're ready for a new one, you can simply bury the remains of your loofah in the ground.

To use our Loofah Sponge for the first time, soak it in water for about 20 minutes to make it soft, then rinse off. Rub your favourite soap onto the wet loofah and massage over your body to reveal smooth, healthy, radiant skin. Rinse after use, shake off excess water, and allow to dry naturally by hanging from the twine loop.

Not only can our Loofah Sponge be used as a full-sized body sponge, but it can also be cut into smaller pieces according to your needs. Use it as a facial sponge, dishwasher scrubber, or for other household cleaning purposes.

By purchasing our Loofah Sponge, you're also supporting farmers in Vietnam, as we're proud to source our loofahs from there.

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